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The industry leaders of portable toilets, septic cleaning, light and heavy construction equipment rentals.

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At Trinidad Tent Rentals we rent portable toilets and hand wash sinks for long term and short term use, and provide Septic Cleaning Services.

Portable Toilets
Hand wash sinks
Septic Cleaning
Heavy Equipment

About us

“Pleasing People, One Toilet at a Time”

Trinidad Tent Rentals Limited was established in 1996 by Mr. Clint Arjoon, the Managing Director. At the inception the core business was the rental of toilets, tents and other party items. Soon thereafter the company became a household name and in the year 2000 Mr. Clint Arjoon was awarded the Republic Bank Best Business Service Award. Within a short period of time the company was able to expand obtaining over 200 different items for rental ranging from stages to cutlery. Thereafter by the year 2003 the tent rental market had become very competitive and which prompted the diversification of the operations of the company and investments were made in light construction equipment. At present the company has a stock of over 400 toilets with 5 trucks servicing/pumping units.


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